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Compact Fiber Nodes

Segmentable Fiber Nodes
Suitable for DOCSIS 3.1 Plug and play Automatic leveling Full redundancy in forward and return Electronic matrix in the forward and return path 2-pilot control Forward path up to 1218 MHz Return to 204 MHz 2 active power stages in the forward path Integrated fiber and component storage External ingress measuring sockets Plug-in diplex filter DOCSIS, HMS, FSK monitoring Electronic setting via WLAN module
ORA 9222-1G2-B 2nd Generation
2 x 2 nodes (2 forward path and 2 return path segments) Internal optical interfaces for outdoor use (IP67 possible) 4 high level outputs
ORP42x2-1G8 Remote PHY nodes for DAA networks
Future-proof digital nodes for network upgrades DOCSIS 4.0 FDD ready. RF circuits are designed for 1.8 GHz in the forward path and up to 684 MHz in the return path Pluggable Remote PHY module options: 1x1, 1x2 or 2x2 Analog overlay option available Prepared for future Remote MACPHY modules
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