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Hybrid Fiber Coax (HFC) - the ultimate

solution for cable network operators

Based on our long and extensive experience in the field of cable TV networks, we are able to offer special solutions for a cost efficient installation of flexible and modular HFC networks which can be expanded as needed at any time. Flexible configuration A flexible configuration of the network is possible because all major functionalities are modular in nature and can be added to the system configuration as needed. Insertion of certain additional modules and thereby incrementing system performance is possible at any time. Extension of bandwidth Our DWDM and CWDM solutions allow establishment of bandwidth as the need arises and subsequent upgrading is no problem. Single signals can be added or filtered with optical add-/drop multiplexers. Network management All BKtel components are designed for configuration and monitoring by either SNMP or web browser. BKtel's element management system CABLEwatch provides special features which make the operation of our equipment even more efficient. DOCSIS 3.1 The new standard for data transmission in HFC networks, DOCSIS in the latest version 3.1, provides the basis for efficient data transmission at speeds that can otherwise only be achieved by a fibre-to-the-home network. BKtel already has the complete product family for optical transmission available according to the new standard.


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Distributed access architecture (DAA) enables the evolution of HFC networks by digitizing the optical transmission and decentralizing headend functionality. The new converged interconnect network (CIN) replaces the analog optics with digital optics while the analog fibernode is replaced with Remote PHY or MACPHY. A massive increase in network capacity can be realized with this new approach. Huber+Suhner Bktel offers a comprehensive CIN solution and a roadmap to RPHY and MACPHY products.
CIN Solution by HUBER+SUHNER BKtel Analog optics substituted by digital 10G Ethernet DWDM, provides two way signal conversion between Digital Optics (CIN) and Coax Networks Up to 80 wavelengths (800 Gbit/s capacity) Optical Interleaver functionality generating 50 GHz wavelength spacing Gainflattened opitcal amplification Dispersion compensation Distances up to 130 km Euqipment completetly outdoor rated Excelent scalability Coexistance with legacy DWDM HFC installations possible, easy migration path
Remote PHY Solution by HUBER+SUHNER BKtel Substitutes analog Fiber Node, provides Headend-like signal performance in Hub and Outdoor locations Cable Labs specifications for R-PHY Arbitrary Full Spectrum Loading up to 1218MHz (DS) and 204MHz (US) Low Power and Space consumption Multiple Service Support (Docsis, Video, OOB, PNM) Daisy Chaining of B2B Services
CIN Network Configuration: Long-haul system including optical amplification and dispersion compensation
CIN Network Configuration: Passive mid-haul system
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