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Without monthly signal fees, ASTRA 19.2° East delivers the largest programme variety of free-to-air and PAY-TV channels with over 1,200 available TV and radio programmes, and all this in the best HD, 4k, 8K signal quality. The main advantage of Sat-TV is its independence from broadband connectivity because unlike IP-TV or streaming, no high-performance internet access is required. In order to provide network operators, municipal or private utilities, and the housing industry with future-proof fibre-optic satellite solutions, Glasfaser-ABC, ASTRA Deutschland GmbH and HUBER+SUHNER BKtel GmbH have formed a partnership alliance. The main aim of this cooperation is to bundle all the advantages of a SAT-TV distribution and to provide customised, profitable solution concepts for individual properties, neighbourhood solutions, municipal city networks or for the modernisation of already existing installations. The new concept enables the most secure and up-to-date linear TV supply to all end customers, independent of the IP data stream/Internet and its utilisation.
The benefits of the professional SAT system Bandwidth-independent, optical transmission of SAT signals within city networks and large distributions of >500 connections. SAT signals are processed and optimised in the optical domain for large distribution areas Up to four satellite positions can be transmitted over one optical fibre using DWDM multiplexing Parallel transmission of telephone and IP services Support of point-to-point and PON networks Design of centralised and decentralised distributions Modular and thus expandable 19"/ 6 RU concept Power supply redundancy On-site or remote management and monitoring
Alliance with ASTRA and Glasfaser ABC
Glasfaser-ABC is a premium partner of ASTRA and an expert for modern fibre-optic SAT solutions and fibre-optic home distribution networks, especially for apartment buildings and housing estates. For years, Glasfaser-ABC has supported the further development in the SAT sector and advocates independent TV supply in fibre-optic networks. ASTRA Deutschland is the subsidiary of the world's leading satellite operator SES. As market leader with 17.3 million TV households in Germany, ASTRA is responsible for the marketing of SES services in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Via SAT, ASTRA delivers around 300 German channels (including more than 100 in HD/ Ultra HD quality) and numerous international channels to customers - without monthly signal costs.
Satellite television of the future
The Profi-SAT system developed by HUBER+SUHNER BKtel was deliberately designed to the requirements and structural conditions of TV network operators. The modular 19" BK platform, widely used in practice by large TV and broadband providers, has an installation depth of just 220 mm with 6 RU and can therefore be used even in installation racks with shallow depths. Within one module chassis, signals of up to two SAT reception positions can be converted into the optical domain and, if required, optimally amplified and distributed over long distances in large service areas. The entire system can be adjusted and monitored remotely. The efficient and redundant local power supply of 230 VAC ensures fail-safe operation. The four optical transmitters are equipped with different wavelengths and optical multiplexers and can be operated in cascade without need for external multiplexing. This enables a signal transmission from up to four satellite reception positions via one optical fibre.
BQFS 4-Band SAT-IF stacking unit
PSC230 230VAC Power supply
BK module chassis
NECxE Network Management Controller
BET62 Optical transmitter