Software option "SNMP monitoring" The SNMP software extension was developed for the headend system of the NEO X Series and is a paid software option. This extension provides an SNMP interface through which all important status parameters such as module status, fan status, signal qualities, etc. of a headend system can be monitored. Further information
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Headend Series

X Series
M Series
N Series
The NEO X Series is a modular headend system which allows for a customized configuration with the widest range of features to choose from. A variety of transmodulators, IP streamers and EDGE modulators, H.264 encoders and an advanced CI solution are available on the X10 rack. Components of X Series
The compact NEO M Series is specialised in DVB- Transmodulation in DVB-C or DVB-T and enables the combined reception of DVB-S, S2, T, T2 and C signals. A six-way decoding (CI) option is available for each device. Components of M Series
The NEO N Series is an 8-channel, stand-alone FTA headend dedicated to receiving satellite signals and transmodulation for DVB-C distribution. Components of N Series
Central Management Software
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