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System Solutions: FTTH / FTTx RF Video overlay RFoG HFC Headends

Optical fiber (FTTH)… one step ahead

An all-fiber network up to the subscriber is the ultimate solution for broadband connectivity because it provides virtual unlimited bandwidth and enables simultaneous delivery of multiple services. It plays the key role in next generation access networks. With regard to Fiber-to-the-Home networks it has been proved that point-to-point architecture is the trendsetting solution for bi- directional services like high speed data transmission and telephony. Therefore BKtel has developed an extensive product line especially for the FTTH network technology. This product line is based on the optimized and technically matured network topology of the optical Ethernet and broadcast video distribution (RF Video Overlay). This allows the design of cost-effective fiber access networks that offer high performance and guarantee optimum reliability. The advantage of optical Ethernet: Optical point-to-point Ethernet networks are easy to design and maintain and provide excellent scalability. The data rates can easily be adjusted to meet the needs of each customer. Data rates of Fast Ethernet (100 Mbit/S) up to Gigabit Ethernet (1 GB/s) can be realized Support of different topologies BKtel supports all common network structures for point-to-point FTTH networks with either a separate optical fiber for RF Video Overlay or the utilization of three wave lengths by using just one optical fiber. PON and RF-Video-Overlay RF-Video-Overlay can also be integrated into point-to-multipoint FTTH network solutions such as xPON (GPON, 10GPON, XGPON1, NGPON2) and Ethernet Point- to-Point


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