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RF over glass DOCSIS via optical fiber


Facing today's competition from incumbent operators there is no better way for cable TV network operators than optical fibers for fast broadband connection. An important milestone is radio frequency over glass (RFoG) which allows cable TV network operators to adhere to the well-known and popular DOCSIS broadcasting method while at the same time fiber can be used instead of coaxial cable to access subscribers. RFoG technology enables termination of up to 64 locations on one PON splitter. High bit rate In addition to an available data rate of several Gbit / s in the forward direction, also a peak data rate comparable to that of a pure FTTH network in the reverse direction is available. Network management for RFoG Thanks to the remote control standardized acording to IEC60728- 14 most problems that occur during installation or while in operation can be analyzed and fixed remotely. Efficient costs The total cost of the IEC based management for RFoG fiber nodes is considerably lower than the already established and standardized methods of fiber node monitoring using HMS. Always-on option BKtel's RFoG fiber node XON65.BFN offers the possibility to switch to the "always-on" operation mode whenever an increased demand of bandwidth occurs at a certain location. The node can be used seamlessly in point-to-point operation and no on-site reconfiguration or exchange of the fiber node is required.
Newest member of the BKtel RF over Glass (RFoG) system solution is the mini fiber node XON65.BFN. The fiber node addresses network operators using RFoG in FTTB networks. more ...


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