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April 11, 2022: komro relies on nationwide satellite coverage with Profi-SAT To meet the specific requirements of the local housing association which include the need to offer more extensive TV and media service in a variety of foreign languages, the telecommunications company was looking for a scalable and future-oriented solution that would be used throughout the entire Rosenheim city area. Since a supply of SAT signals already existed for certain apartment islands, the focus was now on an area-wide signal supply that could be supplied from four satellite positions thanks to the latest EDFA amplifier technology via one fiber. The optimal solution was the new BKTEL ® Profi-SAT system, which was developed in cooperation with ASTRA and Glasfaser ABC. Read more (PDF) October 27, 2020: Enhanced performance with modern headend technology When the telecommunications company, Helinet Telekommunikation GmbH & Co. KG (Helinet), needed to modernise an ageing headend station in Hamm, Germany, they turned to HUBER+SUHNER. Helinet’s objectives were to provide new TV services and expand its range of programmes. With a special focus on redundancy, efficiency and future flexibility, the high-performance headend platforms NEO X-Series and NEO P-Series from HUBER+SUHNER BKtel were selected. Additional features such as a low-power consumption and an easy-to-handle location- independent management system were decisive in making their choice of supplier. Read more (PDF) September 8, 2020: New alliance creates cutting-edge satellite TV service - ASTRA premium partner Glasfaser-ABC and HUBER+SUHNER BKtel Without monthly signal fees and with more than 1,200 available TV and radio channels, ASTRA 19.2°East provides the largest programme variety of free and PAY-TV channels in best HD, 4k, 8K signal quality. Unlike IP-TV or streaming, SAT-TV is bandwidth-independent and therefore a high performance Internet connection is not required. This is a great advantage when existing network infrastructures reach their limits in peak times. Furthermore, the immense operating power saving of approximately 85% is a decisive ecological argument. In order to provide network operators, municipal utilities, energy supply companies and the real estate providers with future-proof fibre optic satellite solutions, Glasfaser-ABC, ASTRA Deutschland GmbH and HUBER+SUHNER BKtel GmbH have formed a partnership alliance. Read more (PDF) April, 2020: Home office and streaming slowing you down? Divide and conquer with RF-Video Overlay The data utilization of digital communication networks is increasing daily. Whereas fast surfing and real-time telephony via the Internet used to be the decisive factors for investments by network operators, new service industries have developed, which require ever greater amounts of data: IP-TV with hundreds of high-resolution TV channels up to 4K, streaming platforms such as Netflix, YouTube or Amazon with an immense range of movies and entertainment on demand, online games with several users in real time as well as extensive data uploads and downloads. In addition, there are new, digital forms of work, such as the home office. These challenges can only be met with a modern fiber optic infrastructure. It is not for nothing that many network operators are converting to Fiber-to-the-home (FTTH), setting a sign for the future. Read more (PDF) February 4, 2020: Important information for our customers and business partners on the current situation in China (Corona virus) In December 2019, the outbreak of a new type of corona virus, which can lead to severe respiratory illness, became apparent in the Chinese city of Wuhan. Consequently, on the 23rd January 2020, China's State Council has announced the extension of the Lunar New Year holiday to 2 February 2020 (originally 30 January 2020) as a key measure to control the outbreak. As a further containment measure, some city and provincial governments have ordered all companies performing work not relating to life supporting business to suspend operation until February 9, 2020. Read more (PDF)