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Form Factors

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We offer a complete range of 19'' rack mountable optical transmitters and amplifiers in different configurations, so that appropriate features are available for every application. The 19" mountable units are ideal for "stand alone" operation, when only limited functionality is required. All devices have their own power supplies and fans. The devices are realized in 1RU or 2RU with redundant power supplies and integrated network management module NECxE. Features 19'' modules are technically based on BK equipment Standalone operation with integrated Ethernet controller Hot pluggable, redundant power supply and fan modules Horizontal air flow for cooling Stackable - no need for a spacer between devices for air flow Sophisticated SNMP based network monitoring and control
19” -Stand Alone Units
BK Series
The BK housing style is mechanically compatible with the widely used 30 cm deep ETSI racks re-ducing space and rack consumption. It relies completely on passive cooling. All interfaces are accessed from the front side. In case of installation in deep racks it is possible to place the chassis back to back from both sides. Several modules are outdoor specified (Class 3.3 acc. ETS 300 019-1-3 (non- temperature controlled locations). Features Universal modular platform (up to 10 modules per chassis) 6 RU height Required installation depth 25 cm Completely passive heat dissipation and air circulation Extraordinary low power consumption modules Max. power dissipation 75 W Operating temperature range suitable for outdoor field deployment (-20 … +65 °C) Pure front access Passive backplane Multiple redundant powering options User-friendly design with easy module insertion and removal, setup, and administration Excellent fiber, powering, and RF cable management Choice of push-on IEC or F connectors for RF; SC/APC, LC/APC, E2000, MPO for optical adaptors Sophisticated SNMP-based network monitoring and control
2G6 Series