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Management Software

for Headends

Software option "SNMP monitoring" The SNMP software extension was developed for the headend system of the NEO X Series and is a paid software option. This extension provides an SNMP interface through which all important status parameters such as module status, fan status, signal qualities, etc. of a headend system can be monitored. Properties Provision of an SNMP interface for monitoring a system, consisting of a base unit (master) and possibly one or more extensions (slaves) The SNMP agent runs exclusively on the base unit The SNMP agent is configured via SNMP. This includes the configuration of the access control, the SNMPv3 user and the notifications Supports all NEO X Series modules except X10-A1
HMT The HMT software is required to run a NEO X Series, M Series, or N Series signal processing system and is available for download free of charge for Windows and Linux. Properties Centrally control all NEO X Series and NEO M Series parameters over TCP / IP connection (local or remote) including cascading, transport stream routing, and enhanced CI functionality, etc. Control of all NEO N Series parameters via local USB connection User-friendly interface for easy setup of the wizard installation (eg NIT / LCN) and tool tips Simplified programming of channel units using channel lists and configuration templates that can be updated Transferring saved configurations and channel lists to other installations
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