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System Solutions: FTTH / FTTx RF Video overlay RFoG HFC Headends

RF Video Overlay - TV services via FTTH

Fiber networks to the home are not only perfectly appropriate for data transmission but can also be used as an ideal medium for the transmission of TV signals. The RF video overlay method utilizes this feature to transmit particularly broadcast TV content efficiently via Fiber to the Home networks. It provides the customer with digital and analog TV with an equivalent data rate of several gigabit per second. All advantages at a glance: Added value of your FTTH network You can offer your customer a variety of different TV services thanks to the RF Overlay technology. It allows you to stand out from your competitors. Offload the data traffic Data traffic is no longer blocked by TV content. Hence you lower the overall needed data capacity as well as the requirements on the complexity of your network. Cost-efficient and immediately available RF video overlay offers a reliable and premium-quality TV transmission. It is based on a matured technology, is easy to install and adjustable to all network sizes. Easy connection of end customer Nothing changes for the end customer, the TV experience stays just the same: analog or digital, SD or HDTV, without the need for any additional IPTV set top box. Reduction of operating costs The lower complexity leads to a simplification of the technical maintenance and enables lower operating costs.

RF Video Overlay

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